How many times have you known someone who limited their own potential over a few pounds of fat on their body?

So often those suffering were once slender then experienced great trauma and stress in their lives in the forms of accidents, chemical exposures, divorce, childbirth, thyroid malfunction, adrenal exhaustion, Lyme, head injury, infection and heavy metal or mold exposure. These individuals often are born with genetic variances that predispose them to triggering Diabetic, Heart disease or Cancer related genes.

Worldwide multiple 1000's of unwanted pounds of fat have been burned away using this program.

Tell me your weight loss goals and I will provide you a FAT BURNING solution.

Love your body... Love Yourself! This doctor guided program will change your life. Let go of unwanted FAT so you can live your God-given potential.

I often witness the self-limiting behavior that ravages a person’s belief in themselves and their quest to deliver their special gifts that potentially would assist humanity. I have known many patients who feel limited by the body that surrounds their beautiful heart and soul as if they are trapped within their own adipose cells. So often this cage of self remains even after significant dieting, changing their nutrition philosophy to be Paleo, Raw Vegan, Vegetarian or even Keto.

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Patient Results

Remember your genes are NOT your destiny. They are reminders of the variabilities, of our POTENTIAL weaknesses --- science now tells us that the vast majority of disease is related to environmental factors.

Karen lost 104 lbs & went from a size 20 to 10/12 in 20 weeks, then finished in 6 months down >155 lbs. Mark lost 40 lbs in 40 days!

Maximize your results! Couples and Friends starting the program at the same time increases your probability of achieving your goal by 100%.

Ask about our "Do It With A Friend Program"!!!

You get to be the driver of your health destiny. Learn to reverse the dirty genes that have been triggered by all these factors. Learn to detoxify your cells safely.

Heidi lost 25 lbs in 40 days and 45 lbs in 99 days!

With my 63-day Well Centered Weight Loss Program, we well walk you through how to change your lifestyle so you can steadily lose the excess fat that's endangering your health.


40-days of fat-loss coaching and support + 3-week maintenance and metabolic reset phase.


Progress tracking with pictures, optional blood work, measurements and biometrics and monitored by a practitioner


Doctor supervised the entire time + Regulated, minimal exercise routine + Well rounded diet with food variety + No pre-packaged meals required 


Progress tracking with pictures, optional bloodwork, measurements and biometrics and monitored by a practitioner + Fat-burning & appetite suppressing supplements 

How We Reset Your Metabolism to BURN FAT

Healthy Nutrition & Diet

To round out the program, we address your nutrition by giving you clear, easy-to-follow diet protocols to maximize your fat burn. This is NOT a starvation diet! It's flexible enough that you won't be hungry all the time. We provide a list of healthy, whole food options as well as a few simple recipes so you don't even have to think about it and with our "Meal Upgrade" it can be done for you.

Doctor Support

Our doctor and/or expert practitioner will guide you through this 63-day program—40 days of fat loss coaching followed by 3 weeks of maintenance and metabolic reset so you can KEEP the fat OFF. You'll get a PDF guide you can reference at any time that lays out the entire program so there's no confusion! PLUS we send you regular support emails to check in and see how you're doing.

Fat Burning Supplements

The supplements below are included with the program! They are designed to be natural appetite suppressants and maximize fat burning.

  • Well Centered Weight Loss Proprietary Blend Drops
  • Raspberry Ketone Proprietary Blend Drops
  • Liquid Complete Nutrition
  • Fit Metabolix Protein Powder
  • Pro Cleanse GHI
  • Liquid Fiber Matrix Pure Green (Coffee Bean Extract Drops)

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Reclaim Your Health,

Reclaim Your Life

Did you know...


57 million are pre-diabetic due to weight issues


$117 billion is annually spent on health related obesity problems


Obesity is linked to the top 3 causes of death: Heart Disease and Stroke, High Blood Pressure, and Cancer


If you’re overweight, reducing your weight by only 5% - 10% decreases your chance of developing disease by as much as 50% according to the Mayo Clinic


There are 3 types of fat, structural, normal and abnormal. When wanting to “lose weight” we really mean that we want to lose abnormal fat


We’ve always been told that FAT is the enemy! But, were told to eat …SUGAR! Bread and rice, pasta and potatoes, corn


Over time, we have become efficient at burning sugar for energy, and less efficient at burning FAT for energy

You deserve the Well Centered Weight Loss Program

I want to help you kick that unwanted fat for good so you can feel like yourself again. Join me for this 63-day program for hormone balance and weight loss where an experienced doctor will guide you through every step of the way.

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Program Plus Add Ons

Optional Heavily Discounted Upgrades to Your Program Include:

Blood Work Upgrade

$3,000 worth of blood work including a ROF (Report of Finding) by Dr. Puja. In Office or Virtually. 

CBD Upgrade

60 Day Supply of CBD Cannabinoid to enhance and maintain your endocannabinoid system.

Chiropractic Upgrade

Already a fan of chiropractic adjustments? Looking to change your structural & neurological alignment? Add the 7 session package during your 63 day diet plan for a heavily discounted rate.

Meal Upgrade

Meal Plan designed specifically for the 63 day diet. If you choose this upgrade, our professional holistic chef will prep and lightly package the basics for your meals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the program? 

63 days  


Will I be able to drink alcohol on the program?  

Alcohol will slow down your progress and it is highly suggested not to drink alcohol during this program


Is it okay to use the Well Centered Weight Loss Program during a menstrual cycle? 

Yes. The best time to start the program is the last 2 days of a menstrual cycle. By doing the loading phase on the last two days of menstrual cycle, you maximize your weight loss. If you have your menstrual cycle during the program, be aware that water retention will cause a fluctuation in daily weight loss. After the menstrual cycle is complete, normal weight loss will resume.


Will I have supervision during this program? 

Yes, your coach will be checking in with you throughout your program.


Can Diabetics do the Well Centered Weight Loss Program? 

Yes. You MUST consult with the supervising Doctor on maintaining your proper blood sugar levels while using the program.


Will I be hungry on the program? 

The goal is NOT to be hungry and there are plenty of foods that can be eaten to alleviate hunger. We will coach you an these foods and you can also refer to the program guide included in your package.

What Customers are Saying

Reviews are pouring in on a daily basis. Read just a couple new ones below...
This program was awesome!! I have tried diet plans and shakes and pills. My weight went up and down. I finally realized unless I changed my eating habits nothing would be permanent! Well Centered Weight Loss & Dr Puja have been wonderful! She taught me how and what to eat. Answered any questions anytime I asked. Encouraged me when I needed it. The one on one attention is what I needed for motivation and to stick to a plan. I lost 15 lbs and 15 inches total. It is the only plan that I have seen that I could eat foods that I liked because I am a picky eater. The program has helped my self-confidence. I know I can continue to eat healthier. I am wearing clothes I haven't worn in years and gladly had to buy some new ones. I am so thankful to Dr Puja for helping me on this journey. :) If you are serious and ready to make a permanent change to your health and eating habits I strongly recommend this program.

- Jessica B. ( Patient )

“I struggled with weight issues my whole life. I can't believe how much fat was burned right off my mid-section. After only 30 days, I lost 24 lbs and by the end of the program I lost 39 pounds and 16 overall inches! The Fat Burner Program and the doctor behind this guided program is AMAZING! Thank You Dr. Puja for believing in me!

- Dori ( Patient )


"Well Centered Wellness & The Fat Burner Program changed my life. This was the only successful weight loss program for me. The support and emotional coaching helped make life altering changes. Thank you for your kindness, support and education!..."

-Kerry C. ( Patient )


Dr. Puja Wentworth DC

Live Your God-Given Potential

The topic of resilience is held dear to me because I too have been there. I too have carried these burdens and thought I may never recover. But a resilient person does not give up on themselves --- he or she knows to keep seeking the answers that already exist but can be challenging to find.

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